1. 購買任何掛耳咖啡套裝產品及LIKE本店 FB,贈送掛耳咖啡一包

2. 購買掛耳咖啡滿$400,額外贈送掛耳咖啡一包


(valid until 31 December 2021)

條款及細則 Terms & Conditions 1. 以上優惠適用於「友商良工會聯盟」參與工會之會員。 The offer is available for members of participating unions of 'The Labour Union Alliance for Glory'. 2. 會員需出示有效「友商良」優惠卡方可享有以上優惠。 Members can only enjoy the benefits by showing valid benefit card of 'The Labour Union Alliance for Glory'. 3. 參與商戶可運用酌情權,要求會員於使用優惠時同時出示其所屬工會之會員證。

At merchant's discretion, members may be asked to show their respective union membership card at the same time.